The Deep Origins of Western Sufism – foredrag og gløgg!

FOREDRAG v/ MARK SEDGWICK (Aarhus Universitet)

“Western Sufism is sometimes thought of as a recent, New Age phenomenon, but Westerners have been interested in Sufism for far longer than generally thought. The first significant Western Sufi organization was established in 1915, the first Western discussion of Sufism was printed in 1480, and Western interest in Sufi thought goes back to the thirteenth century. This lecture will describe repeated intercultural transfers from the Muslim world to the West, and look at the origins of today’s Western Sufism in the thought of the European Renaissance and Enlightenment, and in the intellectual and religious ferment of the nineteenth century. Western Sufism, he will argue, is the product not of the New Age but of Islam, the ancient world, and centuries of Western religious and intellectual history.”


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